Monday, August 30, 2010

One Piece on break

That's right, manga giant Eiichiro Oda is taking a four-week break for the first time since the mangas beginning. Now that's dedication, One Piece has been running since 1997 with almost 600 chapters! 
It's a well deserved break and all but if you're a fan like I am it's left a void in your reading, don't worry though we've got you covered.

Manga Recommendations


 Psyren is a sci-fi action manga where people are randomly chosen to go into a world known as Psyren. It's very similar to Gantz, you must complete a task in the said world and arrive at the exit point before you're able to leave the world. This is an EXCELLENT manga, I would go into more detail but that would ruin the manga. Constant action, epic plot twists, a very good manga overall.


This was my absolute favorite manga for a very long time. The plot revolves around the claymore Clare and her "Cook" Raki. Claymores are warriors who have become half youkai in order to fight the demons that terrorize their world.
Warning, there is extreme violence and some nudity in this manga, but it is definitely one of the better action manga out there. 

Soul Eater

Soul Eater revolves Shibusen Academy and its students as they progress with their weapons. These weapons actually have personalities and more times than not are in a human form, the goal is to collect 99 souls and become a Death Scythe increasing their power greatly.
Definitely one of the more unique mangas I've ever read. Both the characters and plot are a refreshing and dynamics. It's also one of the only mangas I've read that doesn't suffer from painfully long draw out Arch's, this makes it very enjoyable to read you'll never get bored of it.

Well there you go, hopefully you'll start reading and enjoy one of these mangas while you're waiting for one piece to start up again.

Until next time, ANS


  1. such good picks~~ gantz was so awesome

  2. Awesome blog, although I think it could use more Cowboy Bebop.

  3. loved one piece best show evar anyway following!

  4. I have to check out Psyren! It seems awesome. I love Gantz. Soul Eater is cool but is way too infrequent for me. I keep forgetting where the story is.