Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Iron Man anime?!?!?!?!??!

Iron Man (Tv)

Wowwwwowowowowowow I've been a huge fan of the movies and now there's going to be an anime adaptation? I'll be watching this when it comes out. Definitely going to be reviewing this as soon as it comes out. Really excited for this.
Release Date
Other anime coming out in the next couple of months

Sora no Otoshimono: Forte 2010-10-01


Bakuman 2010-10-02 


So what anime will you be watching out for? I'll be watching Iron Man and Bakuman defintely. The other I don't know, I have an open mind though and I'll give them a couple of episodes.

Iron Man Trailer
 (Html was giving me trouble so I'm posting this at the end)


 Pretty good trailer if you ask me.

That concludes today's blog (Sorry for the shortness, busy day)
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Otaku Fuel

I've lived off cup ramen and pocky for an entire week.
Still delicious 

Current anime obsessions

Golden Boy

I'll start off with a warning, if you're not into ecchi humor then you will not like this anime. On the other hand if you're one of us typical perverted Otaku this will be the most hilarious anime you'll ever watch. There's not one episode where I wasn't in fits of laughter, seriously this is comedy gold. There's also only 6 episodes, so you'll be able to watch it in an evening.
Give it a try 

Eureka 7

Eureka 7 is a truly wonderful anime, even if you're not into mecha the bonds, the twists, the shocks will keep you watching. It goes beyond the normal mecha fight scenes and explosions bringing love, friendship and sadness into the mix. This anime made me CRY you'll grow an emotional connection with certain characters like all good animes, and it's an amazing experience.

9.9/10 Definitely among my Top-3 

High school of the Dead

  Aaaaah finally, this anime is set in a apocalyptic Japan after a plaque has spread turning people into the walking dead. A group of students bands together to fight the undead and find what has caused the plaque while they try to survive.
I really like this anime, it fills my criteria for badassery + girls + weapons + ecchi + zombies for sure, I can't say too much yet since the series hasn't been completed but I'll definitely be watching this one until the end. So for any guys or girls who like the idea of girls fighting off hordes of zombies + some ecchi thrown in you'll like this anime.
(I know you do)

Over Drive

I normally don't like sports anime but this is an exception. Over Drive is a story about Mikoto Shinozaki  who starts off as a pretty pathetic and very unathletic guy becoming one of the greatest cyclists in Japan, and eventually the world. It's a very touching anime showing you that dreams, no matter how far fetched, can come true provided you put in the effort. My favorite sports anime for sure 
(◐ o ◑ )  

Detroit Metal City
Lastly we have Detroit Metal City or DMC.  WARNING - This anime has vulgar humor but you WILL laugh your ass off if you're into this type of humor. Seriously, if I had to pick a contender for Golden Boy in terms of comedic genius, it'd be this. DMC revolves around a Soichi Negeshi who is normally a calm musician who wants to sing pop tunes. Somehow though he's joined a metal band where he becomes Krauser, one of the most vulgar and hilarious characters I've ever seen. Eventually this becomes a problem as he involuntarily turns into Krauser during the worst possible times.



Anyway, that concludes today's blog.
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Monday, August 30, 2010

One Piece on break

That's right, manga giant Eiichiro Oda is taking a four-week break for the first time since the mangas beginning. Now that's dedication, One Piece has been running since 1997 with almost 600 chapters! 
It's a well deserved break and all but if you're a fan like I am it's left a void in your reading, don't worry though we've got you covered.

Manga Recommendations


 Psyren is a sci-fi action manga where people are randomly chosen to go into a world known as Psyren. It's very similar to Gantz, you must complete a task in the said world and arrive at the exit point before you're able to leave the world. This is an EXCELLENT manga, I would go into more detail but that would ruin the manga. Constant action, epic plot twists, a very good manga overall.


This was my absolute favorite manga for a very long time. The plot revolves around the claymore Clare and her "Cook" Raki. Claymores are warriors who have become half youkai in order to fight the demons that terrorize their world.
Warning, there is extreme violence and some nudity in this manga, but it is definitely one of the better action manga out there. 

Soul Eater

Soul Eater revolves Shibusen Academy and its students as they progress with their weapons. These weapons actually have personalities and more times than not are in a human form, the goal is to collect 99 souls and become a Death Scythe increasing their power greatly.
Definitely one of the more unique mangas I've ever read. Both the characters and plot are a refreshing and dynamics. It's also one of the only mangas I've read that doesn't suffer from painfully long draw out Arch's, this makes it very enjoyable to read you'll never get bored of it.

Well there you go, hopefully you'll start reading and enjoy one of these mangas while you're waiting for one piece to start up again.

Until next time, ANS

Beck - Overview

Coming at you with another overview this time of BECK, my all-time favorite anime. 

Beck revolves around Yukio "Koyuki" Tanaka's and the rock band BECK in their quest to become the greatest band. Yukio's life is change during a chance encounter with Ryûsuke Minami who turns out to be an amazing musician. Ryûsuke gies Koyuki a guitar and from that moment on his life is changed as he becomes more and more obsessed with the instrument.

Main Characters


Koyuki is just a normal normal kid until he meets Ryûsuke Minami who gives him a guitar revealing Koyuki's enormous musical talent eventually he joins Ryûsuke Minami's band BECK while a romance developes with Ryûsuke's sister Maho.


Minami Maho is a brash but fragile character who slowly developes a relationship with Koyuki. There's many trials in their relationship and if I had to choose one thing I didn't like about the anime it's how their relationship is left during the ending. I'll not spoil that for you though :)


Ryûsuke Minami is the lead guitarist and leader of the band BECK. He's the glue that holds all of the band members together, and he's also Koyuki's guitar mentor. His cool demeanor mixed with his godlike guitar skills and dark past make him one of the more mysterious and interesting characters in BECK. Unfortunately he isn't featured as much as I would have liked.

Well, there's my review of BECK. I don't really know if you could call it a review, I'm just trying to give you guys an idea of what to expect. Hopefully you'll give it a try, it's a great anime especially if you're a music lover or a guitarist.

Until next time, ANS

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Black Lagoon - Review

Hello, I thought I'd start this blog off with a short review of one of my favorite animes, Black Lagoon! I'm not going into much detail, I don't want to spoil it for you. I guess it's more of an idea of what you can expect action/character wise.
If you like guns and general badassery you'll like black lagoon. The fight scenes are superb, the story line is solid, and it's all fit into a 12 episode package. There is not ONE dull moment, that's why it's definitely among my Top -5.
Black Lagoon revolves around the crew of a pirate ship which is also named Black Lagoon. The series revolves around the jobs their crew gets. The crew will take any job as long as it pays enough from bounty hunting, to kidnapping, even murder.
The Main Characters

 Guns, girls, and gore. Revy brings this all to the table, superb gunfights all put together with her cocky personality make her extremely fun to watch. If I had to choose my #1 anime heroine she'd be it. A cold-hearted killer with skills that rival or even surpass Vash from Trigun and Alucard from Hellsing. Some of the best gun oriented fight scenes I've ever seen are in this anime.

 Rock is the main male character in Black Lagoon. He involuntarily becomes a member of the Black Lagoon ship once he's taken hostage by the crew and abandoned by his colleagues. Faced with the choice of being dropped off on an island to die or help the crew he joins Black Lagoon. Really, if there was a weak point in Black Lagoon I think it would be Rock. They didn't take much risk, pretty much everyone can relate to him. There's a little bit of a romance between him and Revy though it isn't the main focus of the anime.

Well there's my review of Black Lagoon, I tried not to give too much away, I hate it when people tell you all that's going to happen in the review.
I can almost guarantee you if you give it a try you'll enjoy it. You don't have anything to lose It's only 12 episodes.