Monday, August 30, 2010

Beck - Overview

Coming at you with another overview this time of BECK, my all-time favorite anime. 

Beck revolves around Yukio "Koyuki" Tanaka's and the rock band BECK in their quest to become the greatest band. Yukio's life is change during a chance encounter with Ryûsuke Minami who turns out to be an amazing musician. Ryûsuke gies Koyuki a guitar and from that moment on his life is changed as he becomes more and more obsessed with the instrument.

Main Characters


Koyuki is just a normal normal kid until he meets Ryûsuke Minami who gives him a guitar revealing Koyuki's enormous musical talent eventually he joins Ryûsuke Minami's band BECK while a romance developes with Ryûsuke's sister Maho.


Minami Maho is a brash but fragile character who slowly developes a relationship with Koyuki. There's many trials in their relationship and if I had to choose one thing I didn't like about the anime it's how their relationship is left during the ending. I'll not spoil that for you though :)


Ryûsuke Minami is the lead guitarist and leader of the band BECK. He's the glue that holds all of the band members together, and he's also Koyuki's guitar mentor. His cool demeanor mixed with his godlike guitar skills and dark past make him one of the more mysterious and interesting characters in BECK. Unfortunately he isn't featured as much as I would have liked.

Well, there's my review of BECK. I don't really know if you could call it a review, I'm just trying to give you guys an idea of what to expect. Hopefully you'll give it a try, it's a great anime especially if you're a music lover or a guitarist.

Until next time, ANS

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