Sunday, August 29, 2010

Black Lagoon - Review

Hello, I thought I'd start this blog off with a short review of one of my favorite animes, Black Lagoon! I'm not going into much detail, I don't want to spoil it for you. I guess it's more of an idea of what you can expect action/character wise.
If you like guns and general badassery you'll like black lagoon. The fight scenes are superb, the story line is solid, and it's all fit into a 12 episode package. There is not ONE dull moment, that's why it's definitely among my Top -5.
Black Lagoon revolves around the crew of a pirate ship which is also named Black Lagoon. The series revolves around the jobs their crew gets. The crew will take any job as long as it pays enough from bounty hunting, to kidnapping, even murder.
The Main Characters

 Guns, girls, and gore. Revy brings this all to the table, superb gunfights all put together with her cocky personality make her extremely fun to watch. If I had to choose my #1 anime heroine she'd be it. A cold-hearted killer with skills that rival or even surpass Vash from Trigun and Alucard from Hellsing. Some of the best gun oriented fight scenes I've ever seen are in this anime.

 Rock is the main male character in Black Lagoon. He involuntarily becomes a member of the Black Lagoon ship once he's taken hostage by the crew and abandoned by his colleagues. Faced with the choice of being dropped off on an island to die or help the crew he joins Black Lagoon. Really, if there was a weak point in Black Lagoon I think it would be Rock. They didn't take much risk, pretty much everyone can relate to him. There's a little bit of a romance between him and Revy though it isn't the main focus of the anime.

Well there's my review of Black Lagoon, I tried not to give too much away, I hate it when people tell you all that's going to happen in the review.
I can almost guarantee you if you give it a try you'll enjoy it. You don't have anything to lose It's only 12 episodes.

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